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Stanley and the Baskets is an up and coming jam band from the Chicagoland area with music ranging from rock, hip hop, funk, reggae, and improv. SATB is comprised of four members and one Stanley. Sitting behind the ivories is the legend himself, Ryan P. Keane, tickling your souls with his beautiful playing and chilling sweet vocals. On guitar is a beast like no other. Rarely seen but frequently heard, Patrick Mahoney can and will trance you with his hypnotic melodies that melt your face clean off - we've seen it before, folks, it's nastyyy. On the low end, thumping, grooving, and slapping on the bass while putting a big smile on your face is Scarlett Ross. Finally, the man behind the reason your booty can't stop grooving - part man, part machine - Trevor Wielert. He has beats for days, drumming and humming to all his favorite songs. Together they jam, but jamming together is Stanley and the Baskets.

"We have fun here."

                                              - Patrick Mahoney